The easy and effective
booking service.


By simply entering name and surname, Tax ID, email address and mobile phone number, citizens can quickly use the online booking platform for medical services from their PC or smartphone. On appointment day, patients will simply bring a printout of the ticket or the text message sent to them, without having to go through check-in procedures. In the facility, patients will find two very useful services: Indoor Navigation will guide users to any part of the building with a GPS system; Smart Call will send them instructions from physicians and operators via smartphone.


Healthcare facilities are interested in reducing queues in offices and tidying up booking procedures. Citizens are interested in wasting less time and being able to comfortably choose. ZeroCoda facilitates better organization and makes it possible to establish an efficient communication channel to send information and improve perceived quality of service.


ZeroCoda is simple to use, reduces waiting time, automatically cancels the booking in case of delays, allows patients to quickly cancel and rebook an appointment if needed. ZeroCoda is an SaaS solution.