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The Laboratorio Valdès, founded in 1975, was the first private facility in Sardinia to deal with histology and cytology diagnostics. Today is a complete multi-purpose structure, involved on prevention, clinical diagnostics, instrumental and laboratory, microbiology, histopathology and occupational medicine with 40,000 patients each year (EAS).

Technologically advanced solution to offer the online booking service to the Laboratory as value-added for the time savings

The reservation made through website provides three different modes. The first is very similar to the traditional Zerocoda® service to book access to desks eliminating waiting times. The second, used to reset the queue to reception by paying online to go directly to the collection points. The third innovative ways to book and pay online a sample to be made at home. The graphical interface is extremely user-friendly and the choice of paid services is organized through “the shopping basket” like Amazon

The free service Zerocoda® allows users to choose the date and time eliminating waiting times for acceptance at the counter and for the laboratories due to better balance of the accesses. Also with the ability to book online picking at home is also reset the time to reach the structure and the risks associated with it