Instruments for improving governance.

Artexe's solutions are integrated into a single system for management control of healthcare organizations. Every software provides the fundamental elements for making strategic decisions in the single sectors. Data analysis, management control, monitoring of waiting time and prescription appropriateness, privacy, corruption prevention, making of processes and procedures, workload... Artexe provides clear dashboards, simple, intuitive interfaces for designing complex, sophisticated OLAP solutions (Ad Hoc Queries and Dashboards) for reporting and analysis. It offers back-end tools for supporting and simplifying:

  • OLAP design (Cubes, Dimensions, Measures);
  • basic data integration and reconciliation;
  • control of data integrity and validity;
  • design and production of institutional reporting
  • .

Performance for healthcare

Laying out strategies, verifying results.

To better guide healthcare, it is important to lay out clear strategies to ensure that everyone is working with well-defined objectives and proper accountability. Artexe's solutions make it possible to shape management, check plans and programs, prioritize strategic objectives and set expected values for comparison against actual results. This helps define goals and monitor the activities of operators, evaluate their competencies and performance with a view also to correct granting of rewards.
Artexe's front-end tools give access to information and analysis of establishment performance

  • client OLAP for multidimensional analysis;
  • display hierarchies and restrictions;
  • analysis tools (graphs, ranking);
  • dashboard creation tools;
  • integration with Microsoft EXCEL and other standard interfaces.


Improved healthcare management and accountability.

From management control to accountability, to compliance with transparency requirements, liaising with stakeholders... Artexe's evolved solutions enable healthcare governance and management of all the activities through advanced or real time verification of key data on information-rich reports. In addition to improving the definition of operating objectives and determination of the cost of products and services, our software makes it possible to:

  • manage control information (accountability centres, cost centres, economic and financial account plants, non-accounting data);
  • define functional area budgets and Master Budget Costing;
  • allocate common costs and intermediate cost centres with appropriately configured drivers;
  • measure time required for allocation of personnel costs on calculation objects;
  • produce deviation analysis and reports