The multi-device systems
that improve the Patient Journey.

Patient Journey


Digital solutions for patients

and health facilities.

Improving reception, providing efficient responses to patients' needs and to the organization of services, managing the patient journey more rationally, establishing advanced Interactions with citizens.

Artexe digital systems offer efficiency and measurable benefits for physicians, paramedics, operators and management.

Our interaction with management and constant updating on regulations and methods, makes it possible to improve the patient flow and create reassuring, information-rich environments. Patients gain more independence with payments, bookings, document collection using digital kiosks, PCs ad smartphones. This makes patients feel more comfortable and increases perceived quality of service.

Improved performance
through big-data management.

Data Driven


Governance based on data,

accounts and improved services.

First of all, the ability to recognize and extract information from large amounts of data, including free text and unstructured data, followed by analysis and a system that offers clear dashboards and the possibility of making better-informed strategic decisions.

Artexe offers healthcare facility managers their full collaboration to measure service quality, improve clinical governance, monitor prescription appropriateness and optimize spending.

The Artexe team has vast experience in healthcare organization and regulations and their method is geared to collaboration and constant improvement of procedures.